Azalea japonica ENG



The Azalea japonica is a slow growing shrub that stands out in spring for its intense floral displays. The azalea japonica has small flowers in april-may, but blooms very richly. The colour ranges from purple, red, Orange, pink to white. Azalea japonica is already bred and ennobled in Europe for 200 years. At the nursery, we have made a selection of the most beautiful and best growing varieties.



Soil/substrate: Almost all azaleas require an acidic airy, well-drained soil where excess water is drained away quickly. However, the soil may not dry out completely. Plant in a good mixture of peat and soil. The ideal acidity is pH 4.5-5.5.


Location: The ideal location is partial shade. Keep the plant sheltered for the N-E-wind. You can plant an Azalea japonica solitary or in group. In group, however, it makes the most pageant of colors duringl spring.


Flowering period: A japanese azalea flowers from april to may in differnt colors, depending on the variety.


Pruning: After flowering, in may, it is better to remove the flowers. This promotes the branching of Your plant. The plant needs no pruning, any further light cutting can be applied to keep its shape.


Fertilizers: During the growing season, it is suitable to add some slow-acting fertilizers.


Water: Keep the soil moist for proper growth, but too much water (saturated soil) does the roots choke. Use preferably rain water. A japanese Azalea can also be kept perfectly in a tub or pot as a terrace plant. In a tub you should provide the plant with enough water.


Frost: The azalea japonica is a hardy plant. It will, however, loose a part of its foliage during winter. The leafs are coming back in spring.


Growth: Japanese azaleas are slow growing plants. They reach a height of 2 m in around 10 years.