Camellia ENG



Camellias are evergreen shrubs, they can grow 2-3 m high. The leaves are shiny, alternately, thick, serrated, and 3 – 17 cm. They are characterized by flowers that are large and astonashing, 5-12 cm in diameter, in different shapes and colors. The colour varies from white, bicolor, pink to red. There are many different cultivars. At the nursery, the cultivars are selected for their flowers, shape and beautiful colors. A camellia already blooms early in spring, from late February to april, this makes the plant very special.


Substrate: Camellias like acidic soil. Best to use a mixture of potting soil and peat. Do not use lime.


Positioning: Partial shade is the ideal place, out of the wind on a N-W location. Avoid a place with early morning sun and (cold) wind. You plant them the best in open ground, but you can also keep a Camellia in a big pot to put on tour terrace. In a pot you should keep them frost free during the winter, in a place with enough light.


Blooming time: A Camellia blossoms from late February till april. Being one of the first flowers that open in late winter.


Pruning: After flowering, in may, you better remove the flowers. The plant can be trimmed lightely to keep its shape.


Fertilising: In the growing season, from May to september, Camellia's can use fertiliser with potassium, 1 x per month.


Watering: You may give a Camellia sufficient water. Use preferably rain water. Shortage of water creates bud and leaf fall. Therefore during the summer months till the end of October, you have to supply enough water. That period the plant is in full growth and the flower buds are made for after winter.


Frost: Camellias are evergreen and frost-resistant plants. Persistent, severe frost, however, can cause frost damage (leaf fall, brown flower buds). Deck your Camellia during Frost periods with breathable material. After any frost damage however, the plant will recover. Avoid early morning sun in the winter, too fast heating of the flower buds after night frost, causes bud fall.


Growth: Camellias grow relatively slow: 15-20 cm per year. A mature plant is 3 to 5 m high.