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Choisya is a genus of evergreen shrubs and has its roots in Mexico. Choisya ternata is a particularly attractive variety that looks good al year. The leaves are shiny green and give a delicious, aromatic smell. From may this shrub carries elegant, white fragrant flowers, those flowers resemble to 'orange blossom'. Choisy ternata will often give a second bloom in late summer. This shrub is mostly planted solitary , but can also be used as a hedge or a terrace plant.



Soil/Substrate: Choisya requires little demands in terms of soil and substrate. It grows well on any garden soil (pH 6-7)


Location: Choisya is also not very demanding for its location: full sun or partial shade. Keep the plant be sheltered for the N-E-wind.


Flowering period: A Choisya flowers from May to June. If you remove the flowers after blooming, the plant will be encouraged to flourish a second time in late summer.


Prunig: Pruning a Choisya is not necessary. Just a bit trimming after the spring will encourage the bloom in late summer. If the Bush has grown too large it can be trimmed back drastically. Cut the branches off to just above the ground. The best period to do this is spring.


Fertilizer: During the growing season, from april to september, it is suitable to add some slow-acting fertilizers.


Water: Choisya is pretty resistant to drought, but it grows best in a moist, well drained soil.


Frost: Choisya is moderately hardy. It is therefore recommended to shelter the plant against the NE-wind. After a severe winter, the plant can show some brown leaves and branches. It is better to remove them after winter.


Groei: Choisya is a pretty fast growing shrub. It can reach a height up to 2,5m - 3 m in about 15 years.