How to plant

How to plant?


All the products offered in the ' Ready for garden ' range follow the same rules for planting.You can find the 'Planting Procedure' below. All offered plants are also suitable to keep in a pot for many years.


● First of all you have to look for a suitable location. Tips for each plant you can find on this website under 'Care'.

● Once you have found the right spot, dig a planting hole of about 3 times the root ball diameter and around 40 cm (15 inch) deep.

● Pour a bucket of water into the hole. If you see that it takes a long time before all the water disappears into the ground, there is a problem with the drainage of your soil.

● Now you fill the planting hole with a mixture of peat, humus, ... (see plants tips). Mix everything well with the ground.

● Take the plant and its root ball out of the pot. First, see if the root ball is soaked enough. The roots of the plant should be grown nicely against the surface of the pot. To give the roots a good start in its new environment, you better loosen the roots using a small rake.

● Again make a smaller hole in the mixture of peat and soil. You can plant now, about as deep as the height of the pot it was in.

● You may now add another bucket of water, so that the root ball and the ground are wet

● You finish the planting by pressing the ground around plant, by hand or by foot.


● If you stick to this procedure, you will give your plant the ideal start!! Enjoy your garden!!