Viburnum tinus ENG



Viburnum tinus is a hardy Evergreen shrub. He is very popular because from late in winter to in spring the plants makes beautiful white little flowers. Therefore, he is also called "the snowball". After blooming, black berries will appear. The plant can be used in various ways: solitary, as a terrace plant, in borders, as a hedge plant or as an ornamental shrub (f.e. on stem).


Soil/Substrate: Viburnum tinus is easily to keep in every nutritious garden soil. Just make sure that the ground is 'airy' enough.


Location: The Viburnum tinus can be planted in full sun or partial shade. Just shelter from N-E-wind is desirable. You can keep the Viburnum also perfectly as a terrace plant. .


Flowering period: Viburnum tinus flowers a long time, from late winter till the of spring. From January to may, the plant shows beautiful white flowers in several bunches. The 'bunches are already formed in August. A flower screen consists of many small pink flower buds. . At the end of the blooming period, black/blue berries will appear.


Pruning: Viburnum tinus tolerate easy pruning. Therefore, the plant is also popular as a hedge plant. Viburnum tinus isalso very suitable for ornamental pruning f.e. on stem. Pruning is done best after flowering. If the bloom is not provided, pruning is also preferred.


Fertilization: In the growing season, from april to september, it is better to add some slow-acting fertilizers.


Water: Keep the soil moist for proper growth, but too much water (saturated soil) does the roots choke. Use preferably rain water. Provide enough water during growth and blooming so the plant can develop well.


Frost: Viburnum tinus can take Temperatures to-12 °, lower temperatures will damage the plant. Damage to the leafs and the branches may occur faster if the plant is located in cold wind. After removing the dead branches, the plant will recover. If you want to keep the plant in a pot or tub, it is better to move the plant indoor during the winter in a cool place with some light.


Growth: Viburnum tinus is a pretty fast growing plant. It grows up to 3 m high and wide in an average of 20 years. Due to its fast growth, this plant is very suitable as a hedge plant.